Jane Baty Watercolors


The artist in front of a Monet

About the artist

I am a life-long artist, but one who took a side trip.  I began college majoring in art, but changed to dietetics in my sophomore year.  After a dietetic internship at University of Michigan and several years in hospital dietetics, I returned to Iowa State University for a master’s degree in nutrition.  I remained on the faculty at ISU and retired when our first child was born.  Because I had enjoyed art work so much as a child, I naturally thought of art as a way to keep my children amused.  As a result, I became interested again myself.

For education in watercolor, I have found workshops the most helpful source.  The Iowa Watercolor Society sponsors a workshop conducted by a nationally recognized watercolor artist every year.  I have benefitted from the instruction of nineteen nationally known watercolor artists.

The two main reasons that I find watercolor exciting are 1) the transparent quality which allows the white of the paper to “glow” through the paint; and 2) that the paint, water, and paper interact in interesting, beautiful, and often surprising ways.  The artist participates in the action, and her role is to encourage the materials to do what they do best.